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Fortune's Gate, Int'l
Fortune's Gate, Int'l

About Fortune's Gate, Int'l

From J'en El:

Early on in life, I was taught to get an education, a good job, and always work hard! By the time I was 18, I had already accomplished those goals and felt restless enough to want more, so I started a series of businesses for the next 25 years of my life.

Jenel about usI went from "Costume Jewelry" to "Gold and Diamonds." Then, Designing; Importing; Retailing; Wholesaling; Manufacturing; Being an Author, a Speaker, a Singer, an Investor, a Venture Capitalist, and in Real Estate, plus more. I had an extraordinary, income. There was a time when I generated just shy of a Million Dollars annually, but I spent the money as quickly as it came in. In 1991 my financial empire began to crumble due to an unstable economy. By 1994, my bills had mounted into massive debt. My dreams were shattered, and I had NO time or financial freedom. I just could not make ends meet. Life had become a desperate struggle.

I had been in tremendous physical pain for as long as I can remember as a result of suffering from an Auto-Immune disease, which was later to be diagnosed as Lupus, a terrible and potentially life-threatening disease. I was stressed out and my future seemed bleak at best. I was forced to work long hours with no end in sight.

I enrolled into a week long seminar on marketing, and met Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of several books. Bob had a way about him that spoke to my heart. We became friends. He knew of my devastating financial situation and asked me to attend his "Inner Circle of Wealth" Millionaire Retreat Seminar. At this extraordinary 5-day event, the world of possibilities opened its doors wide to me and I rushed right in!

While attending Bob's next event, in 1994, he invited his wife Daryl and his (then) assistant, Collette Larson to introduce to the workshop participants a company called USANA Health Sciences, which (at the time), was no thrill to me. However, one of my friends, Ken Kerr, who was an artist for the Walt Disney Corporation said, "Come on! This is amazing. We're doing this!" So, after closely reading the Compensation Plan and the Policies & Procedures, bolstered by my trust in Bob, Ken, Daryl, and Collette, I decided to become a USANA Associate. It was the best decision I ever made!

Talk about fate! I'm thrilled that the products turned out to be so amazing, because quite honestly, I was so busy being busy that I couldn't imagine fitting one more thing in. However, when Robert Allen says "It's a great opportunity. You'd be wise to do it!", I just had to listen! Little did I know at the time, but USANA was to become the answer to all of my prayers.

After a few months on the products, I realized that the USANA business was quite extraordinary since I signed up that fateful day in mid-June 94. Because I was fairly unenlightened and naive at that time regarding the amazing possibilities that Network Marketing offers, I tended not to see it as a "real" business. At first I did it "part-time" in addition to my other business ventures. Even though they were quite lucrative, I noticed that I kept devoting more and more time to USANA. I'm sure it was because my health was better than ever and my checks kept increasing in size as a result of being paid commissions on my continued sales of the USANA products. Actually, I've never missed receiving a check every week since August, 1994 which has been wonderful to say the least.

Also, when USANA was opening in the United Kingdom in November of 1998, I went there as an adventure as well as to expand my USANA Business. I went for a 3 to 4 week venture but ended up living in London for 6 months! As a result of constantly working on my USANA Business the commission checks continued to arrive every week and became even larger as time went on! Now THAT'S true Residual income! The obvious value of this made me take the USANA business that much more seriously.

Ever since that "fateful day" in June of 1994, coupled with realizing the power of Residual Income, I'm now in my 19th year with USANA. As a result...

Needless to say, I'm enternally grateful that USANA came into my life!