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Fortune's Gate, Int'l
Fortune's Gate, Int'l

GATE# 5 - About USANA's Founder:

USANA Health Sciences was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D., Virologist & Microbiologist with an emphasis in Immunology. Dr. Wentz is one of the world's leading pioneers and scientific authorities in infectious disease detection, degenerative disease prevention, human cell nutrition, and immunology. Dr. Wentz has dedicated the past 40 plus years of his life to "unraveling the mysteries of the human cell" to help people throughout the world to achieve and enjoy optimal health and well-being.

One of Dr. Wentz' expertises is in growing and maintaining healthy, vibrant human cells outside of the human body. He became so proficient at this that he was able to successful grow billions of human cells every day for decades keeping them completely healthy and disease free by bathing them in a "special nutritional soup" he formulated which provided all the nutrients they required to be 1) nourished, 2) protected, and 3) eliminate  toxins. These cells are as vital and healthy today as they were when he first started growing them.

When Dr. Wentz founded USANA in 1992, he demanded that the company's products be manufactured in-house when possible and that all procedures follow the strictest standards of manufacturing to assure that the products are the safest, purest, and most effective possible.

Therefore, the USANA products are manufactured in Dr. Wentz's privately owned FDA Registered facility according to Pharmaceutical Level GMPs and the USANA Nutritional Products are, as they have been for several years, listed in the prestigious Medical Edition of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals & Specialties (the Canadian equivalent of the United States PDR), and the  Mexican equivalent of the PDR.

These Reference Manuals and Guides are found in Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Doctors' offices throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico, thereby giving USANA instant credibility within the medical community. USANA is also registered with the "Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency" in Australia and New Zealand.

Because of the strict manufacturing standards, which Dr. Wentz voluntarily follows and even exceeds, you know that what you read on the label of a USANA product is precisely what you get. Dr. Wentz was also adamant about including optimal levels of nutrients in each USANA product thereby offering the most advanced nutritional products along with a product potency guarantee that lasts for years.

Why does Dr. Wentz demand such high standards? He's a "visionary", scientist and a humanitarian businessman all wrapped into one. His vision of "True Health" is never compromised, and his 40+ years of experience of understanding the nutritional needs and workings of human cells, are just two of the many things that set USANA apart from all other companies.

USANA's unique products and opportunity have made, and continue to make, a huge positive difference in the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. An expansive array of items make up USANA's three distinct product lines.

The first is USANA's Wholistic Advanced Wellness System of "Essentials" and "Optimizers" which provide a Superior Pharmaceutical-Grade System designed to help achieve and maintain optimal levels of health and functioning.

Lyle MacWilliam, a highly respected internationally known Biochemist, independent researcher, author, educator, and former Canadian Member of Parliament, has written a book based on more than 8 years of extensive research where he evaluated approximately 2,000 nutritional products manufactured throughout all of North America to determine which ones were the safest and most effective to take. USANA has consistently been rated #1, the "Best Of The Best".

USANA also has a Functional Food line called the "Macro-Optimizers" and "Reset™" which is an ideal part of a superior, safe, and effective permanent weight management/fat release/detoxification program. This line consists of the correct and optimal combinations of beneficial carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber, and their "Macro-Optimizers" are Certified Low-Glycemic. USANA has created these products to help people Reset™ their lives and benefit from living a healthy lifestyle.

Last, and certainly not least, is a revolutionary new skin and personal care system called Sensé ("Sahn-Say"). The Sensé line was developed by the finest minds in cellular nutrition, dermatology, and cosmetology worldwide to create a skin & body care line unlike any other.

Sensé's patented, self-preserving, anti-aging formulas are manufactured without needing and chemical parabens, formaldehyde releasing ingredients, and unstable volatile essential oils that have unpredictable shelf lives to prevent microbial growth. Try it and you'll notice the difference after just one single application!

Now that you know a few things about USANA the company and products, our Successful Team is looking for people of high integrity with an unrelenting desire and drive who want to create a source of unlimited residual income and better health for themselves by helping others do the same!

There are 3 things common to almost everyone...

The Struggle To Achieve Financial Security.
The Desire for Time and Freedom To Enjoy Life
The Necessity of Good Health

Millions of people are searching for a "Sturdy and Trustworthy Vehicle" that will allow them to be in control of their own lives. A "vehicle" or "system" they can count on to achieve their dreams. USANA is such a put yourself in the "driver's seat" and join our amazing team NOW!

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