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Fortune's Gate, Int'l
Fortune's Gate, Int'l

GATE# 6 - Do You Have What It Takes?

It's clearly no secret! There are many reasons why so many folks don't experience success in Network Marketing...or any other business or venture for that matter!

[Note: Prior to reading the following, keep in mind that "product sales" is the first and most important factor in being successful in USANA. Sponsoring additional Distributors and Associates is obviously an integral part to achieving success, but again, product sales is most essential!] 

There are those who aren't doing the basics such as continually learning all they can, contacting, inviting, presenting, following up, enrolling, and training can and will never be successful.

Others may be doing a lot of inviting, but are not effective at setting appointments. Still others may be presenting a lot, but no one signs up. Some are simply too lazy or resist being coached and supported because they want to "do it their way"!

Others are looking for a free handout, or someone to "do it for them." All too many have been promised by ignorant or unethical people that they would build their business for them. And of course there are those who simply give up altogether, thereby guaranteeing failure thereby being successful at failing.

But let's take a look at the problem of not getting appointments, or getting appointments but no signups, or people interested in taking the products and/or building a USANA business. It doesn't matter where anyone is in this wide range of options because it all comes back to one's own personal growth...and of course the "willingness" to grow and be successful! Without the willingness, it won't (and simply can't) happen!

Take a step back and ask yourself the following questions:

We believe it is the above questions and other factors that make the difference between business success and failure. There are plenty of simple "techniques" for listening, inviting, presenting, etc, but as blunt as it may sound, the secret to your success lies in your own personal growth, honesty, integrity, and sincere desire to help others feel and become their very best!

We believe that having the right attitude is absolutely crucial if action and effort are forthcoming, and that we must "become the change we wish to see in ourselves and the world!" But attitude, no matter how excellent it is, is still not enough! You have to put the "legs of action" on it if you want to experience the desired results!

Even though those who are in USANA have been blessed with the finest company, the best products, a fair and award winnng lucrative Compensation Plan that works for everyone, and some of the greatest visionaries, leaders, and management team in the industry that's still not enough. We also need to become the finest messengers for the extraordinary benefits USANA offers!

So, we encourage you to take a close and honest look at your personal growth potential. Then act on that clarity NOW! If you do, you'll see that USANA is right for you...and you are right for USANA! Accept no substitutes or compromises! Do not allow yourself to settle for second-best or live a life of mediocre health and poverty! If you do, you'll very likely end up wishing you'd made a different decision when you had the chance. Well, here's your chance, right now! Join our seasoned veteran team of USANA professionals!

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