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When it comes to nutritional supplements, the industry is riddled with both intentional as well as unintentional misinformation, claims, and low quality (even dangerous) products. This is truly unfortunate because the vast majority of people would benefit tremendously by supplementing their diets. So, the challenge is how to find products and a company that can be trusted!

Since we were faced with the same predicament, we did our homework and discovered a company that can be trusted to manufacture the safest, highest quality, and most effective products on the market worldwide. That company is USANA Health Sciences and there really is a "USANA Difference". Now we encourage you to find out for yourself.

Did you know that there is a "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements"? It's like Consumer Reports, but it's for health and wellness supplements only, and is considered to be the "bible" of the industry. The prestigious independently written guide is based on more than 10 years of extensive research by Lyle MacWilliam, a leading Biochemist and Independent Researcher. He has evaluated nearly 2,000 "daily multi-vitamins" made in the U.S. and Canada, and out of all of them USANA's "Essentials" (daily multiple vitamin/mineral/antioxidant product) was rated #1.

Click here to read the Editorial Reviews for the Comparative Guide at

USANA complies with the cGMP (Pharmaceutical Level) "Good Manufacturing Practices". In addition, the USANA products are listed in the Medical Edition of Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), the same guide Medical Doctors and other health care professionals use in their Practice. 

USANA products are also listed in the Canadian equivalent of the American PDR which is the "Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties."

Click Here to watch a four minute video preview of an upcoming 30-minute movie produced by Lyle MacWilliam showing why USANA's Health & Wellness supplements have been rated "Best Of The Best" in the prestigious independently written "Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements". (Plays better with broadband DSL or cable.)

If you'd like to try USANA's exceptional products, below are some general recommendations:

*Supplements. Are you looking for an adult multi-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant that's complete and balanced? A formulation where you don't have to worry about optimal dosages and toxicities? Then choose USANA's Essentials (comes in a 28-day supply). This is USANA's best-selling foundational products. (Also see HealthPak-100, which are our convenient am/pm packs).

Are you 100% sure that that your kids are getting everything they need from their diets? Usanimals is USANA's multi-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant for children (ages 1-11). Body-Rox is for adolescents (ages 12-17).

*Functional Foods. Would you like to safely and effectively manage your weight by using certified Low-Glycemic meal-replacement shakes and bars? Now you can with USANA's Reset™ program and products.

It's no secret that the key to effective weight loss is making postive changes in diet and exercise. However, making those healthy lifestyle changes and improving eating habits can often seem like an insurmountable task!

With that in mind, USANA scientists have developed Reset™ , a jump-start program that will help you "lose the cravings", "lose the pounds", "discover the lean, healthy, and energetic person inside you", and "reset™ your body at the cellular level to achieve your total weight loss goal." *Individual results may vary.

*Personal Care. Sensé ("Sahn-Say") Prélude kit is USANA's travel-size version of their "patented" non-toxic, self-preserving**, anti-aging skin care products. USANA's scientists have applied their expertise in the science of nutrition, dermatology, and cosmetology to create a revolutionary, self-preserving skin care line that is unequalled throughout the worldwide skin & body care industry. It's gentle enough for even a baby's delicate skin.

**Self-Preserving means that the Sensé products do not require the addition of any external chemicals such as harmful parabens, formaldehyde releasing ingredients, volatile unstable essentials oils that have short and unpredictable shelf-lives, or refrigeration to prevent microbial growth. 

* Call (888) 950-9595 to place an order. Be sure to Reference ID# 14631.010R. If you sign up as one of our "Preferred Customers" (PCs) and are on "autoship" (i.e., you select to receive products of your choice automatically sent to you on a regular basis), you'll be able to purchase these unparalleled products at10% BELOW Wholesale!

If you choose not to be on "autoship", you can still purchase the USANA products at "wholesale". Either way, there's no risk in trying these amazing products. USANA has a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

US Policies & Procedures Section 7.2.2 Preferred Customers

USANA offers Preferred Customers, and retail customers who order directly from an official USANA Web site, a 100 percent, 30-day, money back guarantee on their initial product order. If for any reason a Preferred Customer is dissatisfied with any USANA product, he/she may return that product to the Company within thirty (30) days for replacement, exchange, or full refund of the purchase price. If a Preferred Customer returns merchandise equal to or exceeding $100.00 US, this will be deemed a Voluntary Cancellation. For all other returns, the Company shall repurchase the inventory pursuant to the terms of section 7.3. Moreover, the Company will adjust the appropriate Associates’ sales volume pursuant to section 6.2.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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