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Fortune's Gate, Int'l
Fortune's Gate, Int'l


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Any information provided during our interviews will not be sold or used for any other purposes other than to determine your qualification for our business. Your interview will only be reviewed by the person who referred you to this site.

We welcome your interest in bettering your life and taking it to a higher level. Creating high performance home businesses is what we specialize in.

Please note that all fields are required and must be completed before submitting your online interview.

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1. How did you find this site or who referred you to this site?

2. Do you now, or have you ever owned your own business?
3. How many hours a week are you able to devote to a home business?
4. How much money are you looking to earn, monthly, with a home business?
5. Why would you like to start a home-based business?
6. If there were one thing in your life you could change for the better, more than anything, what would that one thing be?
7. As you know, a business takes money to start and to run. How much are you prepared to invest to the launch of your business?
8. If this turned out to be the business you've been looking for, would there be anything stopping you from getting started right away?


If you answered "Yes", what would be stopping you from getting started right away?

9. If we believe you have the qualities we're looking for to partner with us, when would be the best time to reach you for an interview?
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