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Fortune's Gate, Int'l
Fortune's Gate, Int'l


"Training Information for USANA Associates and Preferred Customers, such as various USANA Audios, Videos, Powerpoint Presenations, eBDS (Electronic Business Development System), USANA's Policies & Procedures, and more can be found by logging in with your Associate ID# or Preferred Customer ID# at

If you haven't logged in at, after going to the website you'll see the words "First Time Logging In "underneath the log in area. Click on those words and then fill in your "USANA ID# or your "Preferred Customer ID#" and the "Password" of your choice.

A large amount of the Training Information is available by clicking on "Training" at the top of the page after logging in. The rest is located under different sections, especially the "Media Center" so be sure to browse around and familiarize yourself with the entire website as quickly as possible. Also, visit it often as new announcements are posted, items added, and other changes made daily!

One of the most useful and valuable training tools at is the "eBDS". So be sure to complete it right away if you are a "USANA Associate" and wish to build a successful business.

Also, it is absolutely necessary to read and re-read USANA's "Policies & Procedures" located in the top right corner of the USANA Associate website.